logo makerDo you want a logo, but can’t you afford such a big investment for yourself? The logo maker gives you an innovative solution for that problem.

The number one problem of a logo is that its production costs a lot, thus those businesses can afford themselves who operate their activity with a remarkable profit.

But the logo helps a company a lot to become well-known, so it is a indispensable tool for reaching, getting and keeping a customer.

So as we see it is a vicious circle because those who need the logo maker the most can’t afford themselves. It was like that for real, until the logo maker came out. The logo maker helps to overcome this problem because it costs hardly more than a box of cookies, despite of that we can make a very useable logo with it.

To understand really the importance of the logo and the logo maker, we provide a short review of the history of a logo. Thus it becomes clear we don’t talk about a recent thing.

The short history of the logo

According to certain sources the word „logo” meant „word” or „speech” in the ancient Greece. This is the origination of „logo”. The usage of the real logo waited until the 13th century.

The medieval goldsmiths can be considered the inventors of the logo, although they used a manual logo maker. They started to stave various signs into the jewellery they made. On the one hand they indicated their own work, but after a while those became some trademarks of the warranty. These small signs showed the given jewel is connected directly to its maker. Here the trustbuilding function of the logo has already turned up. So became the logo is a tool for marking a so-called affiliation.

Approximately at the same time the embossment came out, that worked as the logo of the contemporary papermakers. They specifically used the logo put into the paper as copyright for their work, the embossment in other words.

nipperThe logo as a commercial and marketing tool was put into real use in the beginning of the 20th century. The earliest logo was the dog called Nipper who was sitting infront of a phonograph and listens carefully. This logo was made in 1910. Beside that there are contemporary classical logos, for example the logo of Coca-Cola that is unvaried until our days.

At that time, and through much more decades, the logo maker was the graphic artist himself who made the logo by his own hands. Nowadays the scene is much simpler because with turnout of computers the graphic programs of logo maker were produced very quickly.

But the earlylogo maker softwares were too difficult and they were used specifically by graphics. Learning and usage of these logo maker graphic programs took a long time.

Returning to the subject of the logo’s history the period family hatchments are worthy of note because they can be already considered as the forerunners of logo. They had all the ingredients necessary for a logo. The family hatchments were individual and easily recognizable. The goal was the easy identification of a family expressly.

From this we can see the logo is applicable not only for commercial goals. Nowadays lots of foundations, non-profit companies, art groups etc. use a logo, too. This helps to make their activity or being known.

Logo maker for private use

logo makerWe don’t have to direct a successful company nor be a prominent member of an art branch to have an own logo. Nowadays using the logo maker everybody by himself can make a logo for himself.

Who has never come the thought to his mind, how good a distinctive sign would be, that denotes only him, nobody else? An own logo that can be put on any photo, drawing or any other thing and from which acquaintances straightaway know it belongs to us.

Many of us maybe had the idea already what kind of logo he would design, if…

If there wouldn’t be couple of barriers in his way.

Barriers without logo maker

Why does not everybody have a logo yet? The first barrier really is that without logo maker making of a logo is pretty expensive for ourselves.

It is even more so in the case if the logo has only PR value and doesn’t produce any profit. In this case one think about even more if it is worth spending so much money for a logo, it is not about nice-looking whatsoever.

But the logo maker solved this problem fully, because its price is very low indeed and we can create as many logos as we want with it. Not only for ourselves, but for our friends, family etc.

If this makes you feel like creating a logo, click on the picture to download logo maker!

Vintage Design logo maker

But this is only one single barrier from those standing in the way of a logo without logo maker.

As we were talking about it above, before logo maker app’s coming out only very difficult graphic softwares were available for those who wanted to make a logo. Sometimes it took a several months preparation, because it took that much time or even more to learn the given graphic software.

And this hasn’t guaranteed the proper end result yet, because nobody becomes an expert with learning to use a software, who the real graphic artist is.

But using the Vintage Design logo maker is extremely simple, can be learned easily so the time is not a barrier. There is possibility for lots of experiment, with that one can achieve proficiency in the field of logo making.

If you also would like to try what you can be able to make just in a few days using a logo maker, click on the picture and download the app!

Vintage Design logo maker

Logo maker for companies

It is a wrong idea to think that logo maker is suggested only for private persons or start-ups. Although with another purpose, but well prospering companies can take advantage from the logo maker app, too.

Similar to the last part, in this case let’s examine what kind of possibilities a prospering company falls of, too, without a logo maker.

Companies without logo maker

logo makerOf course for the companies the financial considerations do not mean the primary advantage in using the logo maker. Accordingly from this viewpoint there is no disadvantage for the company without logo maker.

Yet what kind of handicap does it mean for the well prospering company if not using logo maker?

If you are responsible for the image or PR of a prospering company, you know the difficulties come from the misunderstandings between the graphic and the company. It happens the logo gets ready only after a couple of attempts and it is still not sure yet that it fits the expectations exactly.

Using the logo maker we can say more than hundred words. The components are difficult to talk about, for example a color shade, with using the logo maker we can convey it to the graphic in a minute, who will be able to make the final logo much easier. Thus the end result will serve the greatest satisfaction for both parties.

If you would like to make easier to keep in touch with the graphic, use the logo maker.

Click on he picture and download the app!

Vintage Design logo maker